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International training consulting company Celemi was established in 1985, which headquarter is in Malme, Sweden. This company was first partner of Training Center at the Lithuanian Industrialists Confederation (LIC), with whom partnership started in 1993.

With more than 35 years of experience, Celemi helps large organizations around the world quickly and efficiently communicate key messages, build competence and mobilize people to act in line with corporate strategies and goals. Hands-on business simulations and tailor-made learning solutions help people understand the big picture and see how they as individuals and teams can make a difference – a prerequisite for changed behaviours and visible results.

Celemi is a market leader for board-based business simulations with best sellers like Celemi Decision Base®, Apples & Oranges® and Tango™. Through these solutions people build practical knowledge around business and management concepts. Such companies like Microsoft, GE, IKEA, Nokia, Siemens, Motorola and DaimierChrysler are Celemi cliens. Celemi also specializes in developing tailor-made learning solutions designed for strategic communication and change implementation, e.g. when implementing a new strategy, launching a new product, building a brand or leveraging existing systems and processes.

Training Center partnership with LIC is analogical to Celemi experience, when Sweden employers organisation (SAF) initiated and promoted such training structures appearance and activities. Celemi world bestseller - business simulation Decision Base was made like answer to Sweden industrialists needs to train companies chiefs and employees how to rule the business in real. Celemi successfully work with different employers organisations in USA and Asia countries.


Prevent is Scandinavia’s leading provider of knowledge and training in the field of health and safety. Prevent works to promote healthy, sound and safe workplaces by arranging for the provision of knowledge and methods suited to each place of work. Prevent is also involved in co-operation between the work environment organisations in the Nordic countries. Our co-operation with the International Labour Office has produced in the ILO-Better Working Environment material, which was the cornerstone of health and safety work in Sweden. This material has been translated into almost 40 languages.

Our contacts with Prevent started in 1997, presenting Better Working Environment material to Lithuanian companies. Based on contract of partnership Prevent provides us with different technical information and consaltings in the field of health and safety. Training Center at LIC translated Better Working Environment material into Lithianian. In 2002 ILO Center and East Europe office provided financial support to Better Working Environment Lithuanian material second edition.


Center for Ledelse (Danish Centre for Leadership) enjoys a special status among Danish companies and organisations – in both the public and private sectors. Danish Centre for Leadership is an association of members. Originally established in 1913, it is owned by the approx. 1,000 companies and organisations that make up its membership. Danish Centre for Leadership exists to act as a driving force and source of inspiration in promoting a holistic approach to corporate and management development and to assist in the development of specialist and innovative frameworks for enterprises wishing to work in this way.

Contacts with CFL started in 1998, when Business Clubs were establishing, based on PHARE financed project. CLF consultants were responsible for giving their personal experience to Training Center at LIC.


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