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Occupational health and safety (OHS) training programs

Training activities in the area of work environment started in 1996 with pilot project in Ignalina nuclear power plant financed trough Swedish funds. Program was based on Prevent Sweden training methodology Safety, Health and Working Conditions that is translated in more then 30. It helps to introduce the new approach to OHS issues in the company, provides employers and employees with basic knowledge and skills to reduce and prevent occupational risks.

Initially training on work environment initially focused on creating awareness and identifying health and safety risks at the workplace, while today it deals with business improvement through OHS management, risk prevention, OHS economy, etc.

OHS training programs

The advanced Lithuanian companies face the need of modern schemes for OHS management when they seek for accreditation according to OHSAS 18000 standard. The LPK Training Centre has assisted number of Lithuanian companies to develop occupational risk management systems.

Totally over 1000 people participated in training programs on improvement of work environment in the companies. Both the management and the unions positively respond to the training since it helps to change the workers' attitude to safety and health issues as well as make more rational use of funds allocated to OHS and increase the capabilities of newly established OHS committees in the companies.

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