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All our learning solutions are based on Celemi business simulations. In its essence, a business simulation is a physical, dynamic model of the organization and its operations. The challenge for the competing teams is to find the best way to use their scarce resources in order to create the most possible value (serving more people better at a lower cost).

Non-computerized business conditions simulation enables participants find out how that system works by themselves instead of guessing about system development. Participants learn from each other by discussing and analyzing real life situations, which often happens in companies. This is the learning methodology, which unites participants’ visual, hearing and touch sensations.

Beyond the business benefit of the competence investment, you will also find additional side-effects on people’s motivation by:

  • Demonstrating faith in people’s ability to “think for themselves” by allowing them to do just that.
  • Securing greater understanding of what management is trying to achieve, thus creating greater trust and belief in their ability to make it happen.

Business simulations developer - Celemi's co-founder and chief learning consultant Klas Mellander. He mainly focuses on the development of innovative new products and client solutions. He is a pioneer in the field, having worked with a wide range of global clients for more than 35 years. He is the engineer of Decision Base®, Tango™ and other high performance business simulations. He is also an author of numerous books and articles, including the bestseller The Power of Learning: Fostering Employee Growth.

pdf Download key ideas from Klas Mellander book Power of Learning.

Power Of Learning Order "The Power of Learning" by Klas Mellander. (in English or in German language)

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